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Gryphon Group, chances are you already know us.

At Gryphon Group, we partner with and value our field contractors. Since 2007, we have been a trusted provider of field service solutions for property investors, mortgage lenders and servicer’s, national mortgage field service companies, REO realtors, and property managers. We know our contractors are a big part of our success.

Headquartered in the northeast, we perform property services throughout the United States. We know what it takes to get the job done and need contractors who can help us do just that, get the job done correctly and on time.

If you do SFR, rental turns, renovations, property preservation, REO maintenance, repairs and remodeling, or tenant occupied/emergency repairs please CLICK HERE and send us your information.

Why Gryphon Group:
• Competitive pricing

• Weekly pay

• Only American Based experienced office staff

• Hands-on leadership

• Highly trained and experienced internal team

• Attention to detail

• Relentless work ethic

• Easy to use mobile apps that allow you to save hours of office time in paperwork
• Dedicated and experienced contractors

• Support when you need it from people who understand and appreciate what you do

Gryphon Group’s owners started in the truck… WE GET IT!

Gryphon Testimonials

“I have been working with Gryphon Group since 2013. I like the one-on-one contact I have with my Account Managers. They understand the industry and my business. They are accessible, and I like that it is run like a tight knit family vs. a large National where the people change all the time and you have to manage too many personalities. I have been able to build long term relationships here.”

E&J Foreclose Debris Removal, CT

“We have been working with Gryphon Group since April 2012 and love it! Great company to work with and never had any issue getting paid. There has always been plenty of work and I am always busy. Our company has grown quite a bit since working with them and continues to grow. Gryphon Group continues to be a great source of work and we are generally busy 5-6 days a week. Great company, great people to work with!!!!!”

K&K Property Services, MA

“I started working with Gryphon Group on February 1, 2015. From the start it felt like we were working together as a team. During my first conversation with Matt Connelly he said , ‘If you are loyal to us, we will be loyal to you." This, to me, still holds true.”

Diamond in the Rough Construction, NY