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Since 2007, Gryphon Group has been a trusted provider of property field services to REO Realtors, local and regional real estate investors, national property preservation companies, regional banks, and local and national government agencies. Trust us to be there when you can't be to maintain, preserve, and improve the quality of your properties.

At Gryphon Group we believe the same solution doesn't meet the needs of all clients. Therefore, we tailor our services to meet each client's unique needs. To set up a meeting today with our leadership team to discuss your property needs, please call or email us directly.

Office Phone: 508.202.7777
Email: info@gryphon3.com

See what some of our clients have to say!

I am reviewing your photos now of the property we spoke about earlier today. Thank you so much. Your photos are awesome. I can always get my tasks done on time with your company and know your photos will be great.
— National Property Preservation Company, TX

Wow! I just reviewed the photos of the new bathroom you put in for us. That bathroom looks really great! I love the flooring! Do you have any other pics of it, I want them for my online listing?
— REO Realtor, OH

You guys are always one of my favorite vendors. Whenever I see your name on the available vendor list I just automatically hit assign.
— National Property Preservation Company, TX

Hi Team Gryphon, this might be late but please accept my heartfelt gratitude for being one of the best vendors I have worked with. Having bulk property assignments can really be a challenge, but you guys made it such a breeze when it comes to communication. From this point, I am confident we will be looking forward to a longer journey between our two companies. Happy Friday and let's keep this momentum!
— National Property Preservation Company, NJ

Thank you Gryphon Group!! As luck would have it, my client asked to hold off for now on the major repairs. Never fails. I truly appreciate you, not just for turning this repair estimate around so quickly, but for all the pickles you constantly get us out of.
— REO Realtor, CT

Hi Matt I appreciate the work your guys did in New Castle, PA. It looks fantastic. Your inside staff is doing a great job too! You have good people with you. Thank you for jumping on board with my new REO's and I'm hoping for lots more this year. Get ready...lol
— REO Realtor, PA

Thank you...Thank you...Thank you...GREAT JOB!!! You guys never disappoint!
— National Property Preservation Company, FL

Thank you for such a fact filled, complete and quick response on this neighbor complaint. I appreciate your professionalism whenever there is a problem like this .... You guys always come through when we have urgent issues that need to be addressed right away.
— National Property Preservation Company, NH