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Who We Are:
Gryphon Group, LLC is a woman owned small business with a great team of people who perform work at properties all over the country. Our experienced and insured field partners do everything from yard maintenance & snow removal to minor and major renovations. 

Our management team has over 60 years’ experience in property management, renovations, mortgage banking, and real estate. Our experienced quality control staff is highly trained to ensure all work is performed to client requirements. We value and utilize the most up-to-date technology to help manage your inventory.

When it comes to preserving, protecting, and increasing ROI on your assets, or preparing them for market or rent, let us be there for you when you can’t be.

Who we serve:
Gryphon Group clients include realtors, SFR investors, regional banks, national mortgage field services companies, property managers, code officials, attorneys and local and national government agencies.

Scalable Solutions:
Gryphon Group has full national reach. We tailor solutions to each client specific to their geography and service level requirements. We have preserved assets and increased value all over the country for our clients. 

Why Gryphon Group:
• Hands-on leadership
• Highly trained and experienced internal team
• Attention to detail
• Relentless work ethic
• Dedicated and experienced contractors
• Industry specific technology platform

Since 2007, we have completed over 450,000 work orders at homes and commercial properties throughout the country.