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Our Leadership Team


Gryphon Group’s leadership team is composed of professionals with backgrounds in Property Preservation, Wholesale Mortgage Banking, Finance and Real Estate. We understand “the bigger picture” and are eager to learn about your specific goals.

Our niche is our hands on leadership style, willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done, and our 24/7 accessibility.

Matt Connelly, CEO

Matt is responsible for overseeing the long term corporate strategy of Gryphon Group LLC. He manages top level client relationships, and oversees the new client onboarding process. Matt is an active member of NAMFS (National Association of Mortgage Field Services), where he has participated in the NAMFS Leadership Board Summit meetings and serves on the Education Committee. Matt was a member of the Field Asset Services 2012 Contractor Advisory Board, and was a member of the 2010/2011 Contractor Advisory Board for LPS/Service Link. Matt is active within the industry and a leader amongst local property preservation community. He enjoys being a source of information and mentor for many local preservation companies throughout New England. Under Matt’s leadership, Gryphon Group has experienced double and triple digit revenue growth every year since its inception in 2011.

Prior to Gryphon Group, Matt helped launch and acted as Chief Operating Officer for a regional property preservation company. Matt designed, developed, and managed the business model for the company and oversaw its growth from a small organization with 2 contractor partners and 3 employees, to over 60 contractor partners and 15 full and part time employees. He was responsible for the design, improvement, and implementation of the technology system that created and delivered the firm’s services.

Prior to entering the mortgage field services industry, Matt was in the wholesale mortgage banking industry and worked for companies such as Goldman Sachs. Matt has also served in various management roles for the nation’s largest direct marketing agency and consumer packaged goods company. Matt earned an MBA from Suffolk University in Boston, MA and an undergraduate degree in business from Babson College in Wellesley, MA.

Jack Tuplin


Jack oversees and manages the entire day to day operations at Gryphon Group. He works closely with clients, field vendors, and Gryphon Group employees to make sure all client, government, and environmental guidelines and laws are followed on every work order. Jack is the liaison between the sub contractor network and Gryphon Group, which helps to ensure all work is done to client and company standards. Jack leads Gryphon Group’s quality control process and makes sure virtually every work order Gryphon Group completes gets a second and third manager review prior to being released to the client. He is well versed in GSE guidelines, local building codes, EPA regulations and local ordinances. He works closely with Gryphon Group Account Managers, Client Asset Managers, Asset Coordinators, internal service reps, and contractors to streamline data flow from the field back to the client. Under Jack’s leadership, Gryphon Group has seen its annual work order count quadruple in the last five years.

Prior to starting Gryphon Group, Jack was the Vice President of Operations for a regional property preservation company. Jack was responsible for contractor recruitment, training, and implementing the company’s Quality Control process. In less than a year he tripled the qualified contractor network, and was solely responsible for the company’s quality control initiative. His hands on leadership style, and attention to detail resulted in dramatic savings and profits for the firm as well as its clients. Jack’s expertise was tapped by National Mortgage Field Service companies, such as Core Logic, to help design and develop their winterization guidelines.

In addition, Jack owned his own property preservation company that covered two New England states. He was personally responsible for performing preservation services on over 3,000 properties. Prior to the property preservation industry Jack was in the wholesale mortgage banking industry and worked for companies such as Goldman Sachs. He was a Financial Analyst and Operations Manager for Clean Harbors Services Inc., one of the nation’s largest environmental protection and hazardous waste disposal companies. This collective experience makes Jack an integral force in ensuring all of our work is done correctly to industry standards and to EPA requirements. Jack has a B.S. degree in Business and Environmental Management from Bridgewater State College located in Bridgewater MA.

Karin Connelly

Director of Vendor Recruitment

Karin leads all of Gryphon Group’s vendor recruitment efforts. Karin leads a team who works closely with clients, both existing and new, to meet their geographic coverage and field service needs. Karin is responsible for Gryphon Group’s successful launch of VT, NY, NJ, MD and DE since 2014. Karin is responsible for developing new business channels that complement the Gryphon Group brand and its services. Prior to Gryphon Group Property Management, Karin was an owner of a regional Property Preservation and Real Estate company. She oversaw all aspects of its daily operations, and was instrumental in the company’s growth and subsequent success. After selling that business in 2010, Karin helped launch Gryphon Group in 2011 and has played an integral role in its growth and success ever since.

Karin’s business background spans a wide range of successful careers that have helped to enhance her success in Mortgage Field Services. Prior to Mortgage Field Services, Karin was an Area Sales Manager for a wholesale mortgage banker, a National Sales Rep for the Nation’s largest direct mail marketing company, and a Sales Associate for a software engineering placement firm. She is a licensed Realtor in the state of MA. Karin Connelly has a B.S. from Bentley University, Waltham, MA.

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